Attention: Men Who Wants To Make Their Sperm 10X More, Fast, Active & Conceive Easily.

How You Can Make Your Sperm 10X More Than The Present Count... Increase Their Speed & Score As Many 'Goals' As You Wish Back-to-Back Without Missing... Even If Your Sperm Count Is Very Low, Weak/Inactive or All You've Tried In The Past Have Failed.

Mr. Godwin Kenneth Who Struggled to Conceive With His Wife For 7 Years Used This Same Solution and In Just 90 Days He Was Able to Revive His Dead Sperm Cells, Boosted His Sperm Count From 2.7Mil to 35Mil, His Sperm Motility Rate Went From 10% to 60% and His Abnormal Sperm Morphology Turned To Normal.

Today, He’s A Happy Father of Twins

Dear Friend,


I want you to imagine for a moment that you are able to go back to time when you use to be very active, just one touch she don carry belle…


Imagine you just wake to the news that finally she don carry belle for you after many trials.


Anyway You & I know that 9 months after marriage our family, friends and even wife are expecting to hear the exciting sound of our crying baby.


When that doesn’t happen, it puts you, your wife, parents under pressure and tension…


We begin to wonder and ask a lot of questions.


Look, if you’re at that point in your relationship where everything seems to tear apart because of no pregnancy or child after years of living together as husband and wife.


You’re at that point where you wait till it’s late to go home…


You have stooped so low to going to some places you shouldn’t go just to make sure you answer your name as a man.


If this is you… Then I have a good news for you…


If You Use This Unique Fertility Formula Just The Way I Am Going to Show You, You Too Will Be Able To:

  • Make Your Sperm Quantity (Count) and Quality (Motility) 10X More & Fast.


  • Improve Your Chances Of Conception With Your Wife. Guaranteed.


  • Fortify Your Sperm Cells With Essential Minerals & Vitamins You Need To Be Able To Fertilize Your Wife’s Ovaries.


  • Restore Dead Sperm Cells & Revitalize Aging Sperms.


  • Eradicate Toxins In The Body That Makes The Sperm Cells Weak and Inactive.


  • Better Sexual Performance And Improvement

Currently Over 1,739 Nigerian Men Have Used This Fertility Formula To Make Their Sperm Count 10X More, Increase Sperm Motility Rate, and Return Their Abnormal Sperm Morphology To Normal – are getting.


Their Amazing Results Speaks For Itself, Read Them Below:

Here’s Mr. Emma Who Was Able to Get His Wife Pregnant After Using This Asian Fertility Formula To Treat His Low Sperm Count, Low Motility and Abnormal Morphology

Here’s Mrs. Beatrice Richard Who Was Able to Carry Her Own Child After the Husband Used This Asian Fertility Formula To Treat His Low Sperm Count, Low Motility and Abnormal Morphology

Here’s Mr. Victor Whose Wife Just Put to Bed After Using This Asian Fertility Formula To Boost His Low Sperm Count, Low Motility and Abnormal Morphology

Mr. Bernad Used This Same Asian Fertility Formula To Boost His Low Sperm Count, Low Motility and Abnormal Morphology and Got his Wife Pregnant and he’s now a happy father.

Then, Here’s Engr. Chinedu. He said our Product Worked Like Magic. After 5 Years He was Able To Get His Pregnant  Who After Using This Asian Fertility Formula. His Wife is almost to deliver.

Then, Here’s Mr. Sunday Who After Using This Asian Fertility Formula Experienced His Sperm Count Go From 2.5Mil to 36.9Mil in Just 6 Months, Also His Wife is almost to deliver.

Here’s Also Dr. Chibuzor Recommended Our Product His Client.

Why Do Some Men Score 'Goals' Like Every Year Back to back without stress... while most other men even in their 30s struggle to even score one 'goal' during the inner room match?

You see as a Father of Twins who struggled with infertility for horrible 7 years and eventually scored ‘Goal’ when all that I tried in past failed and hope lost.


There’s a truth that most men find it hard to realize and it makes their journey longer… What truth you may ask?


For your sperm to be able to get her pregnant there are hormones that must be triggered starting from the brain to your heart and down to your penis and when that don’t happen…


It becomes difficult to achieve pregnancy with your wife.


Again there some special fertility herbs vetted, verifed and approved by professional naturopaths you must be on for at least 3-6 months for you to be able to produce the kind of sperm that can get her pregnant.


Another thing that makes most men try so hard and yet fail to prove they’re man by giving his wife a child is…


That most men neglect taking of some selected, fertility-powered fruits highly recommended by certified nutritionists believing that anytime they ‘pour’ it must germinate.


That reason they have stayed for many years without having a child.


If you’re in that category and you’re tired of wasting money on all those stuff that barely work or even when it does it leaves a lot of adverse effect in the body.


I want to reveal to you the Revolutionary Organic Fertility Pill That’s guaranteed to Increase your sperm by at least 50%, revitalize your sperm cells and give your sperm more energy to survive the contest and penetrate an ovary.

See Some Of Their Amazing Testimonials Below:

  • M *** (Lagos)
  • Mr. Sunday *** (Abuja)
  • Godwin *** (Benue)
  • Mr. Gabriel *** (Abuja)
  • Dr. Chibuzor *** (Nasarawa)
  • Timothy ***


Men Fertility Tablet For Reproduction

Order Before 11:59pm(September 26, 2023) & Get Free Shipping

Male Fertility Restore Formula is a Unique Reproductive Health Remedy that’s formulated with powerful antioxidants and fertility-focused ingredients which work together to support sperm health, so you too can be able to give your woman a healthy pregnancy.


Contains high-dose antioxidants (vitamins C, E, and selenium), methylated folate and other nutrients designed to promote fertility for men


It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and bio-active nutrients that can help improve sperm count, motility, and quality, and also boost overall male reproductive health.


We understand the importance of starting a family, and that’s why we’ve searched for the best herbal supplement to support men’s fertility. 


Our Male Fertility Restore Formula has been specially formulated with various roots and herbs that have been scientifically proven to boost sperm count, sperm quality, sperm motility, and enhance the male reproductive system.


Each Tablet of This Special Fertility Restore Formula contains a unique blend of these natural ingredients; Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate, Zinc, Green Tea Extract, Dong Quai Extract, Selenium, L-Carnitine Fumarate, Ginseng Extract, Hypromellose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, and Rice Flour.


Vitamin CE, B6, and B12 work together with vital organs in your body to help reduce chronic stress that makes your sperm weak and unable to penetrate a fertilized egg.

Also protects your sperm from being damaged by free toxins in your body, which can affect sperm quality. 


Folate & Zinc are very essential ingredients contained in the each tablet for healthy sperm production and DNA synthesis and formation of the outer layer and tail of sperm to improve the motility of your sperm.


Green Tea ExtractDong Quai Extract, and Ginseng Extract each tablet is blended with are powerful antioxidants that help to  boost your energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance your sperm quality.


Selenium is a unique mineral that also acts as an antioxidant to protect sperm from toxins.


L-Carnitine Fumarate is an amino acid that plays a vital role in energy production and helps increase sperm motility. 


Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide are used as lubricants to ensure that the tablet is easy to swallow, while Hypromellose and Titanium Dioxide are used as coating agents to help protect the tablet from moisture.


Our Men Fertility Restore Formula is made with only the finest natural ingredients and is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. Each bottle contains 60 tablets with a specification of 800mg.


With our Men Fertility Restore Formula, you can be assured of quality and effectiveness.


Take control of your reproductive health today and give your body the support it needs with our Men Fertility Restore Formula.

What Are The Results You’ll Experience From Using Male Fertility Tablet For Reproduction?

  • Increased sperm count. You need a minimum of 15 million living sperm cells to be able to get your woman pregnant. If your little swimmers are fewer than this number then you need to Order for this product now so that you can boost your sperm count to at least 15 million in a short time from now.


  • Improved sperm quality. If the head and tail of your sperm are abnormal that means your sperm is of poor quality, meaning that even if they’re many but if the head is not lively it can’t penetrate the eggs or even survive the acidic nature of the eggs. You need to order for this Product today to improve the quality of your sperm.


  • Improved sperm motility, i.e Your sperm cells will be active and make it to fertilize the eggs.


  • Balanced and stable Fertility Hormones. The essential hormones responsible for healthy sperm cells will be balanced once you start taking this Male Fertility Tablet for reproduction.


  • Boosted testosterone level. Testosterone is the major sex hormone in men, once they’re low no matter what you try, you may never be able to get your sperm to be able to get your partner pregnant. But with this Special Fertility Product, your testosterone level will be boosted and normal supplying enough nutrients for healthy sperm and sex life.


  • Cure erectile dysfunction. If you cannot erect and last long no matter how you try, then this product will help you to last long and give her the real satisfaction she need. Until she get to her orgasm and release the eggs, pregnancy may not likely occur. So you need this product to be able to get her to the point where fertilization is made possible with ease.

Order Before 11:59pm(September 26, 2023) & Get Free Shipping

See Some Amazing Testimonials From Women Who Have Gotten Results With This Fertility Restore Formula

  • Obasi Okonkwo
  • Abdul Aziz *** - Kano
  • Chief Kaka - Umuahia
  • Mr. Edet *** Uyo
  • Patience Lydia
  • David Serina

Order Before 11:59pm(September 26, 2023) & Get Free Shipping

How To Use Male Fertility Restore Formula ™ To Get Effective Result

Take a total of 2 tablets daily.

If desired, you may take 3-4 tablets daily for the first 1-2 months for faster improvement, followed by continued use of 2 tablets daily.

It can be taken for as long as needed to boost your reproductive system and promote conception.

Use for at least 3 months before expecting significant improvement in fertility.


That’s the routine you need to follow daily for at least 2 – 3 months and there will be…


  • No more Low Sperm Count.
  • No more poor motility of sperm.
  • No more watery sperm.
  • No more toxins in the sperm that makes it to kill eggs instead of fertilizing the eggs.
  • No more waist pain that comes because of poor blood circulation.


You’ll live free and never have to worry about the humiliation that comes with Infertility.

So, How Much Does This Fertility Restore Formula Cost?

Male Fertility Restore Formula™ is specially made by professional herbal specialist.


They’ve been into research of herbs that were used for over 1,000 years to treat Low sperm count and infertility issues.


Getting the herbs alone used to formulate this tea and tablet is not easily found.


And these herbs don’t grow here in Nigeria.


So that’s to tell you how difficult it is to even get these herbs.


We’re not even talking about the process of extracting and rightly blending these herbs together so they can deliver the best results.


And shipping the herbs used for this tea from Asia down to Nigeria cost a lot of money as well.


Initially, when I was discussing with the doctors who’re the lead experts and part of the manufacturing team for this product…


It’ll cost N45,000 only to get one pack of the tea.


But I told them about so many men who’re battling with Low Sperm Count and would really want this but making it this expensive will be a turn off.


Well, to cut the long story short, after so many back and forths, we agreed that anyone who orders before 11:59pm today will get one pack of Male Fertility Restore Formula™ for N25,000 only (Instead of N45,000) plus 1 pack of the Fertility Tea.


Also, any man who orders 2 Months Package of Male Fertility Restore Formula™ before 11:59pm today will get it for N40,500 (Instead of N90,000)


Best thing about our agreement was that they agreed to give anyone who orders 3 Months package of Male Fertility Restore Formula™ before 11:59pm today for N65,500 only (instead of N95,000)

Order Before 11:59pm(September 26, 2023) & Get Free Shipping


Special Bonus #1:

Man and Woman Love Tea | Sex Enhancement Tea with Maca Cordyceps (Costs: N10,500)


This herbal tea has natural ingredients that will enhance your sex drive, boost your energy, tonify your kidney, treat hyposexuality, and improve your fertility conditions. It’s made from high-quality Maca powder and Cordyceps Militaris extract.


When you take it together with Our Male Fertility Restore Formula it will boost your sex performance, you will last longer in bed, and satisfy your partner more.


Their combination will boost your morale and confidence in bed.


  • Nourishes, regulates and tonifies the kidney
  • Improves quality of sexual life in male and female
  • Strengthens the body and restores physical strength
  • Treats impotence and premature ejaculation

Special Bonus #2: FREE VIP Fast Delivery (Costs: N5,000)


Your pack of Male Fertility Restore Formula™ will be delivered to your doorstep for FREE.


It simply means that you will not pay for the delivery fee once this tea is brought to you.


We’ll take responsibility to deliver the product to you at our own expense.

Special Bonus #3: Access to Our Private Fertility Club (Worth: N50,000)


When you get Male Fertility Restore Formula™ you’ll get free access to Our Private Members Only Fertility Club for 30 days.


Inside the club, you’ll be attached to a fertility expert who will walk you through, share some insider secrets to increasing your overall fertility and lots more.


In fact, this is private community that connects you to other men like you who have gotten results and can share other helpful tips to help you get maximum result.

Order Before 11:59pm(September 26, 2023) & Get Free Shipping

Here are More Amazing Testimonials From men Who Have Gotten Results With Male Fertility Restore Formula™

  • Martina Joseph
  • Mathew Zenith
  • Mic Timothy
  • Victor *** (Lagos)
  • Mrs Judith *** (Taraba)
  • Mrs. Beatrice *** (Aba)

Your sperm count will be increased and motility restored just like over 1739 Nigerian men who have used this same Fertility Restore Formula™ to boost and revive their sperm cells within a short period.

But, What If Male Fertility Restore Formula™ Doesn't Work for Me?

I’m sure you may be thinking right now, “What if Male Fertility Restore Formula™ doesn’t help me boost my sperm count?”


We absolutely guarantee that Male Fertility Restore Formula™ works, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


We are so confident that you will get good value for your money and that is why we are offering you a No-Story, Only-Results 90-Days Money Back Guarantee!


If after using Male Fertility Restore Formula™ for 90 days and it doesn’t work for you, please give us a call or chat us up on WhatsApp 08151343170 and we will give you a 100% refund.


No stories.


That’s how confident we are about how Male Fertility Restore Formula™ will help to effectively increase your sperm count level to more than average.


So, trust me, you will definitely send your testimony!

Order Before 11:59pm(September 26, 2023) & Get Free Shipping

How We Work

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Male Fertility Restore Formula™

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Male Fertility Restore Formula™

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Sending Male Fertility Restore Formula™ to your location costs us money.


Despite this, it is still delivered FREE!


We need your absolute sincerity and readiness to receive Male Fertility Restore Formula ™ because it will become an act of sheer wickedness if the product gets to your location and you don’t pick it up. 


We’ll have to spend even more money sending it back to our office.


That is why a commitment fee of ₦2,500 will be required and a balance paid upon delivery…


This is to ensure you’ll be committed to receiving your package of  Male Fertility Restore Formula ™

We don’t want a situation where the product is sent out and you give excuses why you can’t pick up the pack like we have had with several customers in the past…


We have had to incur losses in the past as a result of customers refusing to pick up their package… this is to protect ourselves from such customers.


Also….. PLEASE DON’T ORDER IF you’ll be traveling or you’ll be out of town within the next 1-3 days OR if the remaining cash is not readily available right now.


Thanks for your kind understanding.


Note: If You Want  To Buy Male Fertility Restore Formula™ But You Are Not Ready With Your Money Yet, Kindly Save Our Phone Number And Please Reach Us When You Are Ready. 


Our Phone Number is 08151343170


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  • Young *** (Ilorin)
  • Sanusi *** (Calabar)
  • Kevin *** (Lagos)
  • Emma *** (Lagos)
  • Onyekachi *** (Umuahia)
  • Oduro *** (Nasarawa)

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