Top Fertility Researchers From Oxford and Tehran Universities Have Discovered Fertility Plant Of Over 300yrs Old...

...That Reverses Aging Sperm Cells... Boosts Sperm Count and Gives You “Super Baby-Making Power” To Achieve Your Conception Goal... 100% Natural With Zero Side Effects!

In a Clinical Studies Published By Department of Traditional Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Over 700 Men Who Used This Super Fertility Herbal Remedy Became Virile again and Started Making Babies With Their Spouses.

Dear Father-to-Be,

This is the moment you've been waiting for.

Tehranian and U.S Scientists from Havard and Oxford Universities just discovered a new exciting way to become virile again. 

It involves super fertility herbs that targets the reproductive hormones and help make your body aging sperms young again... this way you improve your sperm quality in just days, and develope a new "Super Baby-making Power" that makes it easy to achieve pregnancy.

Hear what scientists from Harvard university said about these Super Fertility Herbs...

"...we carried a clinical trial with Tribestan (total abstract of tribulus terrestris), The drug administered to men with disturbed spermatogenesis increases the ejaculted volume and the percentage motilility in spermatozoa. With consideration given to the pharmacodynamics of furostonol compound present in the plant and the absence of adverse side effects we decided to use this herbs to treat immunologically-conditioned infertility"

Another one from Oxford University backing these herbs...

" Since the 1990s, saw palmetto has been one of the top 10 top-selling herbal medicines in the United States, and the worldwide... and the evidence from over 35 clinical trials supports the use of standardised saw palmetto extract for the treatment of low sperm count. Treatment with the extract has shown increased peak performance and sperm count..."

And now even men who have been struggling with low sperm are now happy fathers of their own children for the first time.

In just a moment I'll show you how to get these rare ancient herbs to also increase your own chances getting her pregnant when you finally boost your sperm count.

But first allow me to introduce myself...

Here's My Personal Story...

"Benedict! I've told your father, you people should come and collect the dowry you paid for my daughter's head. We're giving her to another man you impotent man..."

This was the exact words of my father-in-law to me.

Meanwhile Julieth wife had threatened me with a divorce letter so she could marry another man.

"You're a man a disgrace to manhood and our family...Were you castrated?"

My father said to me without mercy.

I was lost in the depths of shamed and wrecked low self-esteem.

Couldn't bear the guilt and shame of attending other peoples child dedication and naming ceremony yet I could not remember any month for the past 13yrs that my wife missed her period not to talk of miscarriage.

Julieth was already losing her patience.

How can I claim to be a man and I cannot perform my most basic duty as a man.

How can I raise my face to talk to my wife when I couldn't prove to her that she married a man not her fellow woman.

What if the unfortunate happens now...who will answer my name?

When will I call other of my friends to come for my own naming ceremony?

When will I carry my own baby on my own arms and be called a father?

These thoughts kept me awake all night.

I feel less a man anytime I remember I may never father a child from my own loins...

The feeling of worthlessness that I couldn't father even if it's a kid though it's in my DNA to fertilize a woman's egg

For a while I thought less of myself as a man. Felt like it's nature's way of telling me something is wrong with me that's why I can't have my own kids.

I felt lonely... I was dying inside... Loosing every bit of life's excitement

My boss walked up to me one morning during the staff general meeting and said...

"You have 1 extra month to improve on your performance or you'll be fired"

That was when I told myself something must be done urgently about this.

I took 20 days out of my annual leave days to just rest and find a lasting solution.

I visited a male reproductive specialist who after seeing three test results from different urologists I had seen since the procedure said to me "It's impossible", even without the need of doing his own test.

The guilt and anger, the praying and hoping that one day my wife would be an amazing mother was soul destroying and it destroyed me that I can't make her a mother.

They were days of grief, depression, and humiliation especially when my married friends with their kids will say to me...

"Your time will come, you will have your own kids"

I'll manage to smile and say Amen but I was dying inside daily.

My 20 days annual leave was spent in deep research online.

I joined not less than 20 different male groups and forums asking questions about my issue. I was shocked that in almost all the groups and forums, 70% of the men in those groups had the same infertility problem.

There were several treatment options available like IVF, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, intrauterine insemination, ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), egg donation, use of medication and so on.

They are okay, but are very much expensive and some of these options their disadvantages are far greater than the advantages.

So I took it upon myself to do anything it takes to find a lasting solution to this infertility that has humiliated me for years and to cut long story short

After spending money, time on the internet on deep research with the help of my secondary school classmate –  Dr. Maxwell who is a Certified Traditional and Alternative Medicine Practitioner for 15yrs now.

And this was something I discovered rare medicinal herbs/seeds

  1. Urtica Dioca
  2. Mucuna pruriens
  3. Tribulus terrestis
  4. Saw Palmetto
  5. Phygeum Bark Extract
  6.  Schisandra seed and fruit
  7. Radix Gingseng

...that when combined can boost reproductive system, effectively increase men's fertility rate, increase sperm vitality, improve sperm mobility.

If you can get all these herbal leaves and seeds together, you’re guaranteed to get your woman pregnant, boost your sperm count faster than you can imagine.

Now, imagine you have these herbs right in your possession, wouldn’t you take them and boost your reproductive system so that you can be able to make her pregnant?

I’m sure you would.. And that’s what has helped me to boost my fertility rate and finally get my wife pregnant after 13yrs of having raw sex without pregnancy.

Now when I meet my old friends and family members they’re quick to compliment me “Papa Emma"

But there's a problem...

That is the fact that these herbs are not found anywher in Nigeria not to talk of Africa and since the discovery of the herbal remedy of these herbs in Ancient Asian Village, the herbs have been hijacked and grown by few people in their farmlands which has made them so expensive and hard to get.

But there is a way…

Myself and Dr. Maxwell my former classmate who is a certified Medical doctor & Traditional Health Practitioner figured out how to make it more affordable entered into a partnership with some trusted Chinese Manufacturers on how to get these herbs prepared, processed, packaged and sent to Nigeria in form of a tea which can be taken by anyone

And you can even lay your hands on it here today…if you so wish

This same tea has over 357 men become proud fathers of their own babies (see screenshot below) of one of the testifiers

Mr. Emma Sent us this testimonial, he Used this Newly Improved Fertility with his wife just for 1 month and his wife conceived even before they finished taking our product after almost 2yrs of trying.

Mr. Kelvin Used this Newly Improved Fertility for 3 months and increased his count from less than 5 Million to 31.5 million and motility from 15% to 35%.

Here's Mr. Chibueze's Result. Before taking our treatment his count was 500,000 but  the treatment it increased to 40 Million and motility from 0% to 50%.

Let me Introduce You to...

Newly Improved Fertiplus Sperm Boom

Male Fertility Tea & Capsules is a 100% Natural Plant Extract Formulated By A Certified Doctor and Herbal Practitioner to help you become a father.

At this point, "You might be thinking here is another one claiming to help me. Just like the previous ones too that eventually did not work out".

No matter what you have tried, the cause of your infertility or how long you have been waiting! Our 2-In-1 Fertility Treatment Package is for you.

Well, I understand how you feel because we speak to lots of men daily who complain about the same thing and like every other man who comes to me, here is what I tell them.

Male Fertility Treatment Package isn't just like any product out there. It is a treatment that is specially made to help you get results through the Tea & Capsules, the diet plan, the exercise plan and so much more.

This Newly Improved Male Fertility Formula is a complete package kit, designed in such a way that... 

it doesn't matter  how low your sperm count is, even if it's zero, how long you have been trying to increase your sperm count or even make madam pregnant,

When you buy this product & follow everything, You're sure to get results - even if it's the least result (increasing your sperm count to at least 5 million)

This Newly Improved Male Fertility Formula is specially formulated by men for men and it has been proven to be beneficial in...

supporting reproductive health, improving your sperm quality, i.e empowering your sperms with the correct chromosomes so that it can survive in the uterus and fertilize any egg thus helping you become a father.

It will help stimulate and support the healthy functioning of many critical organs and body systems that affect your hormonal stability.

When functioning in harmony with less stress, balanced cortisol & testosterone levels, your body can see improvement in sperm volume, count & motility.

With Ingredients Like:

  • Urtica Dioca
  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Tribulus terrestis
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Phygeum Bark Extract
  • Schisandra seed and fruit
  • Radix Gingseng

Put together, and We have been able to extract the features responsible for hormones, & sperm volume, count & motility boost.

Just like I said earlier, Male Fertility Treatment kit isn’t just a supplement, It’s a holistic treatment that resets the entire body system, rebuild weak and dead sexual organs and rejuvenate your fertility hormones.

When you take our product seriously, your results are almost guaranteed.

To make sure this fertility kit works wonders, I have carefully come up with... 

Diets For Great Sex that you can take daily to help bolster your body hormone and a new special report that will transform your sexual performance through a proven exercise system

All this would be given to you once you have received your order for Male Fertility Treatment Package. You can easily download it via WhatsApp or email.

Here Are What Other Nigerians Have To Say About Our Newly Improved Male Fertility Formula


Rumueme, Mile 4 Port Harcourt. 

We have been trying for a baby for over 3 years. My motility was very poor, only 2% of my sperm were swimming forward. Before I started taking this treatment my sperm count on the average was 8-12 million with only 2% motility. I took Male Fertility Tea & Capsule for men for 2 months and my most recent semen analysis showed a sperm count of 27 million and a motility rate of about 78%. This stuff really works.

I'll make an update  to this post if/when we get pregnant. We've gone through IUI in the past and should be going for IVF in Dec. unless we get pregnant on our own before then.

PREGNANCY UPDATE! I took these Tea and capsules for about 2-3 months as directed and now we're finally pregnant and did it on our own! I've read that it takes about 3 months for new sperm to regenerate so don't expect this to work overnight, it can take a couple of months.

Sir. Johnson Akoh (0815xxxx)

FCT Abuja, Nigeria

Actually I don't like writing reviews but for this I will because I was overwhelmed.

I have taken three semen analysis with three different results. The result of the first one showed I had a very low sperm count. It was not up to the acceptable normal range. Then got this Fertility Treatment  and took it for about five weeks and then went for another semen analysis. I was completely amazed the result showed 3 times what it was before I started taking this medication! Then I placed order for another Male Fertility Booster Treatment got it today! neatly packaged and Super fast shipping.

I took so many analysis tests to confirm because I was diagnosed with varicocele. But When I took this Fertility Treatment the reproductive specialist said there's no more need for me to go for surgery since my numbers have tremendously improved. We are hoping we will get pregnant soon with this. We're happy. If there is a way to update I will. For those who are trying, don't give up!

MR & MRS Benedict O

Owerri, Imo State

We have been trying for a baby for 13 years now. After many doctors appointments and analysis, we were told that it would be extremely impossible for us to ever have children biologically. 

Instead of not having children at all, we were advised to adopt, so we adopted a baby boy 2 years ago. But we still want to have a baby biologically so decided to take your Newly Improved Fertility Formula because it was recommended to us by our family doctor. My husband took it for 3 months with the healthy diet plan.

3 months later, I went for another sperm test analysis here was the result 
Concentration: 40Mill/ml. Motility: 50%. Normal Morphology: 70%. The same month, my TTC got a positive test...ok... it was three tests because we could not believe it. We are both shocked and We are 7 weeks pregnant.

We highly recommend this product.


Ibadan, Oyo State

Initially I was very skeptical about this product because I've spent a lot of money on all kinds of medications both traditional and western without any consistent result.

But when my sister in-law brought Fertiplus Sperm Boom through my wife, I almost didn't want to take but my wife encouraged me with the help of my pastor.

2 weeks into the treatment, I started feeling this strong urge for sex, I wake up with very strong erections and my semen quantity increased even the thickness.

After taking the treatment for 3 months, my doctor was shocked when he saw the result.

My sperm count increased to 29.7 million from 5.1 million.

Bar. Idris M

Kano, Nigeria

I thought this is one of those other products I used in the past, but I was shocked when I went for another SFA test and saw that both my sperm count and motility has increased.

In fact, my wife has just missed her period.

We used the pregnancy strip, it's showing she's pregnant.

Fertiplus Sperm Boom, I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product.

I'll recommend it to anyone I know that's suffering this same thing.

Mr./Mrs. Kingsley

Owerri, Imo State

I can't believe this. We have had 2 failed IVF proceedures, tried many other options yet nothing seem to work for a long time.

It was my boss in the office who introduced this product to me after reading many testimonials on facebook about the product.

I reluctantly ordered the product as my last trial. I took at as they said I should and will always call their consultant for guide.

After months of taking the product, I went to check myself. I couldn't believe my eyes. Even my wife was shocked when I showed her the result.

Infact the doctor was asking me what I took that made the difference. 

Dagogo Adango

Yenegoa, Bayelsa

Fertiplus Sperm Boom is nothing but a miracle for me.

I can't thank you guys enough. My only regret is not getting in touch with your product until this year when my wife bought it for me through a family friend.

I Was Shocked When My Doctor Recommended Fertiplus Sperm Boom to Me.

I didn't believe I could be able to produce more than 5 Million Sperm Count. 

For more than 10yrs now each time I go for SFA, the count has always been 3 Million and some counts on top, the reason the IVF procedures failed twice.

But after taking Fertiplus Sperm Boom and follow the Fertility Diet Plan they recommended, for the first time my sperm count increased to 15.3 million in 3 Months. I'm eternally grateful and will boldly recommend this product to anyone.


Edochie Frank

Warri, Delta

How Do I Use It?

 1.Boil 75cl Quantity of water.

2. Take 7 teasppon of the tea and pour inside the boiled water.

3. Allow it to ferment for 4hrs, then take 1 shot morning and 1 shot night.

How Much Does It Cost?

Now... I know you are already excited about how this new fertility booster treatment package will practically boost your sperm count, increase your ability to make your woman pregnant and can't but wait to lay your hands on the solution.

But you're probably wondering how much it costs.

Well the first thing I want you to know is that your purchase of this product is like an investment that will enable you to be able to do your basic home duty as a man.

Again you should know that this product is limited in supply because it's only grown by a few families in Asian Village and...

Moreover we don't want to reduce the quality of these herbs.



Get 1 Month supply including 1 bottle & 1 Tea

N45,000  ₦25,000.

  • 1 Pack Of Fertiplus & 1 Pack Of Fertility Supplements (Value: N25,000)
  • FREE Express Shipping & Private Delivery (Value: N5,000)
  • BONUS 1: Diet For Great Sex (Value: N10,500)
  • FREE Sexual Performance Exercise Plan Report (Value N14,100).
  • FREE Natural Remedies For Low Testosterone Report (Value: N10,500) 


Highly recommended

Get 2 Months supply including 2 bottles & 2 Packs Tea

N81,000  ₦40500.

  • 2 Packs Of Fertiplus & 2 Packs Of Fertility Supplements  (Value: N40,500)
  • FREE Express Shipping & Private Delivery (Value: N5,000)
  • BONUS 1: Diet For Great Sex (Value: N10,500)
  • FREE Sexual Performance Exercise Plan Report (Value N14,100).
  • FREE Natural Remedies For Low Testosterone Report (Value: N10,500) 
  • FREE Guide On How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation & Last Longer In Beg (Value: N19,800)



Get 3 Months supply including 3 bottles & 3 Tea Packs

N95,000  ₦65,500.

  • 3 Bottle Of Fertiplus & 3 Packs Of Fertility Supplements (Value: N65,500)
  • FREE Express Shipping & Private Delivery (Value: N5,000)
  • BONUS 1: Diet For Great Sex (Value: N10,500)
  • FREE Sexual Performance Exercise Plan Report (Value N14,100).
  • FREE Natural Remedies For Low Testosterone Report (Value: N10,500) 
  • FREE Guide On How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation & Last Longer In Beg (Value: N19,800)

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that this product will work for you as it have done for over 1000+ men in Nigeria but should in case you take this product for 120-days and do not see any progressive results in your sperm count and sexual drive, please feel free to reach out to us on 08151343170 (WhatsApp) and ask for refund and you’ll be refunded all your money in full without any questions asked. Plus you'll keep all the bonuses as our way of saying thanks ffor trying out our product.

So you've got nothing to risk at all trying out our product for 120 Days.

No Risk At All

We understand that buying items online is a bit challenging and you don’t want to lose money so we are offering you a Pay-On-Delivery Option where you don’t pay for the product until it has been delivered to you.

That’s not all, we will be discreet in packaging the item so nobody (even the agents) knows what is contained in the package

Important Information


  • if you may travel, DON'T TAKE CALLS FROM UNKNOWN NUMBERS or IS too busy to receive the delivery.


Yes! I'm ready to Boost my Fertility, Increase my Sperm Count and get my wife pregnant. I'm eager to lay my hand on this Male Fertility Treatment Package. 

Please send me my own Fertility Treatment Package so I can start boosting my reproductive system. 

I understand that if this product isn't everything you've said it's or if I decide it's not just for me. I can request for full refund of my money within 120 Days. No questions Asked. 

Send me my own...

  • Male Fertility Formula (Fertiplus Sperm Boom & Fertility Supplements) = N25,000 
  • BONUS 1: Diet For Great Sex (Value: N10,500)
  • BONUS 2: FREE Sexual Performance Exercise Plan Report (Value N14,100)
  • BONUS 3: FREE Natural Remedies For Low Testosterone Report (Value: N10,500)
  • BONUS 4: FREE Guide On How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation & Last Longer In Bed (Value: N19,800)
  • FREE Express Shipping & Private Delivery (Value: N5,000)
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If you're looking for a product that works as said, try this product you'll come back with your own testimony.

I used it and I confirm that worked beyond my expectation.

Prinewill Thompson - Minna, Niger State.

Fertiplus Sperm Boom saved my marriage from crashing.

My marriage was almost collapsing when my brother-in-law introduced this product to my wife.

I took it as prescribed, in less than 2 months my wife took.

I highly recommend this product.

Barilee E. - Port Harcourt

"My name is Ayokunle O, I'm a banker based in Ibadan.I'm so happy to share my story with you guys because I was surprised at how this product worked.
At first I've tried different kinds of fertility products both online and offline, it's as if I was not getting results but very insignificant results. Sometimes after 3 months of taking the treat I'll see just 1 million counts.
But this product was different though I doubted everything but what made me to finally buy was because I spoke with the CEO of the company and he assured me and gave me his words that if I didn't see any result that I should come back he'll treat me for but that I should make sure I complete the 3 months treatment.

I got the product started the procedure. It was in the second month that I started noticing that the quantity of my semen increased, before it used to be very small.

I also noticed that my sleep time was now improved.I will wake with harder erections.

I can't thank God and the owners of this product enough, they removed shame from my life.

So finally I can become the father of my own child?

God I thank you for using this product to clean my tears and take away shame from my face. Okotie Iyke - Warri, Delta State.

My Husband and I have been married for 3yrs without any sign of pregnancy.

We visited a urologist at Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital and it was diagnosed that he had azoospermia.

He was placed on HCG injection for 10 days and other medications which cost us 250,000.

After the treatment we went back for another test there was little improvement but the doctor gave us an alternative option which is this product.

He gave us the contact of the owner, i called them and we got the 1 month trial package.

After 30 days of the treatment my husband sperm count went from 2.3 million to 5.7 million.

We ordered for the remaining 2 months package. Now my husband sperm count is 35.6 million and motility rate 55%.

I recommend this product to anyone looking to boost his low sperm count.

Chinenye Obasi - Awka, Anambra state.

Father and pregnant mother with son at home

We can't wait to have our baby after 5 years of having our first boy, it became difficult to have another one.

When we went for dignosis they said it was low sperm count.

We saw this product advertised on Facebook, after reading so many testimonials about the product we decided to give it a try. 

As you can see this is the  effect of the product.

This product works, get it for your loved one and thank me later.

Mr/Mrs Obadiah Irimiah - Jalingo, Taraba