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Dear Father-to-Be,


I'll be sharing with you a Secret Ancient Asian Herbs That You Can Use To Increase The Quantity And Quality Of Your Sperm

Whether you are married for 30yrs without a child or you just got married 3 months ago looking wanting to get her pregnant...

You're about to discover a natural way to boost your Reproductive system, enhance your sperm motility, Increase your fertility rate and improve your stamina for sex so you can become a proud father like your fellow men.

This secret formula consists of ingredients used in Ancient Asia by any man to boost their system for quality sperm that can travel fast and far in the woman's tube to Fertilize her egg.

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But first, I need you to understand something... 

Here;s a shocking revelation

Both Men & Women suffer from infertility. But according to studies 40 - 50% of infertility every family suffer are problem from men...

See this...

As you can see from the images above, more than ever now is the time every man & woman need to take charge of treating infertility.

Infertility doesn't really care about your age or gender or even how long you've been married

In fact it doesn't matter if you're rich, average or poor...

Once you are...

~ Above 30 years of age.

~ You eat processed foods

~ Take alcohol

~ Work in an environment where you sit for hours.

~ Have once had unprotected sex in the past

~ Have any form of infection.

~ Always driving

Then you're at the risk of suffering from infertility, i.e you can't be able to get a woman pregnant.

It doesn't matter what you've tried in the past. Be it sexual enhancement supplements, pills, local concoctions.

All you need is this natural, organic sperm fertilizer that takes 5 minutes to brew and you have produced enough quality sperm to do your most basic work as the man of the house.

How can I make such claims?

Well because that's what I used to increase my sperm count from 10million to 45 million in less than 4 weeks of taking this fertility treatment.

Even as someone who has struggled with Infertility for 17yrs.

I was able to produce a sperm count of 43Mill/ml. with a Motility of : 75%. and Normal Morphology of: 7%. Just by taking this 5 minutes sperm fertilizer.

(Below You will find testimonials of men like you Who've Used this same solution)

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It's your turn to use this same formula to finally Increase your own sperm count, improve Fertility rate and boost your reproductive system.

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√ How To Get your wife pregnant in less time than you think possible

√ How To Boost Your Reproductive system.

√ How To get a thick, quality sperm that can travel fast and far into your wife's fallopian tube.


✓ How To Naturally overcome premature Ejaculation

✓ How To wipe every nyama nyama infection in your body so that you will be fit to do your work.


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You see

I'm not kidding you when I said you can become a proud father in few months from today without any hospital again except for your wife's antenatal.

Here Are What Other Nigerians Have To Say About Our 2-In-1 Male Fertility Treatment Package


Rumueme, Mile 4 Port Harcourt.

We have been trying for a baby for over 3 years. My motility was very poor, only 2% of my sperm were swimming forward. Before I started taking this treatment my sperm count on the average was 8-12 million with only 2% motility. I took Male Fertility Tea & Capsule for men for 2 months and my most recent semen analysis showed a sperm count of 27 million and a motility rate of about 78%. This stuff really works.

I'll make an update  to this post if/when we get pregnant. We've gone through IUI in the past and should be going for IVF in Dec. unless we get pregnant on our own before then.

PREGNANCY UPDATE! I took these Tea and capsules for about 2-3 months as directed and now we're finally pregnant and did it on our own! I've read that it takes about 3 months for new sperm to regenerate so don't expect this to work overnight, it can take a couple of months.

SIR. Johnson Akoh (08151343170)

Lagos, Nigeria

Actually I don't like writing reviews but for this I will because I was overwhelmed.

I have taken three semen analysis with three different results. The result of the first one showed I had a very low sperm count. It was not up to the acceptable normal range. Then got this Fertility Treatment  and took it for about five weeks and then went for another semen analysis. I was completely amazed the result showed 3 times what it was before I started taking this medication! Then I placed order for another Male Fertility Booster Treatment got it today! neatly packaged and Super fast shipping.

I took so many analysis tests to confirm because I was diagnosed with varicocele. But When I took this Fertility Treatment the reproductive specialist said there's no more need for me to go for surgery since my numbers have tremendously improved. We are hoping we will get pregnant soon with this. We're happy. If there is a way to update I will. For those who are trying, don't give up!

Jennifer Roberts

Owerri, Imo State

We have been trying for a baby for 8 years now. After many doctors appointments and analysis, we were told that it would be extremely impossible for us to ever have children biologically. 

Instead of not having children at all, we were advised to adopt, so we adopted a baby boy 2 years ago. But we still want to have a baby biologically so decided to take this Fertility Tea & Capsules because it was recommended to us by our family doctor. My husband took it for 2 months with the healthy diet plan.

3 months later, I went for another sperm test analysis here was the result Concentration: 43Mill/ml. Motility: 75%. Normal Morphology: 7%. The same month, my got a positive test...ok... it was three tests because we could not believe it. We are both shocked and We are 7 weeks pregnant.

We highly recommend this product.

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